sábado, 24 de septiembre de 2011

My publications in English

                                                                                 My name is Carmen Guzman, but you can call me "Carmencita" I live in Maracaibo on March 23, I am 26 years old, my phone number is 04162602851, I study at university preschool and my favorite subject is stimulation and Education sexual.

I like going to the movies, eat chicken, music, dance and I love my city.  

I don´t like the weather does in Maracaibo, and in college I do n´t like hearing the sorts of Educational Computer Laboratory.

My dreams are to graduate and be an excellent professional in my career, have a good future with my family, have own car and I would like to move forward in my career, taking courses and specialties.

The subject English is very important because it gives us many opportunities in the professional field. I would like to learn more about English.